Born and raised in Georgia, Frank has over 40 years of experience in business development ranging from construction to car dealerships. After serving in the Marine Corps 1st. Reconnaissance Battalion in Vietnam with David Rivard. Frank worked with Steel Reinforcing (SRI), a union signatory development and construction firm in California and is cofounder of Haines Rivard Construction (HRC) in Louisiana. Through Frank’s guidance, HRC and SRI has completed some of the largest and most notable public works projects in California and Louisiana, including BART, MUNI, VTA, Cal Trans and Pac Bell Ballpark, including schools, fire and police stations, airports, hotels and other commercial projects.

Frank also joined Airline Ambassadors International (AAI), a non-profit corporation that has conducted many disaster reconstruction projects including Katrina Disaster Relief in Louisiana and Mississippi. Frank's 20,000 sq. ft. residence was used as the AAI staging area during Katrina Relief, being one of the few structures in his neighborhood that survived the hurricane.


After the El Salvadoran earthquake in 2001, Frank worked with his military buddy David Rivard, and, through Airline Ambassadors, worked with members of the U. S. Congress and relevant professional organizations in El Salvador, Ecuador and the U. S. to compel USAID to take a broad view of promoting building codes and standards with U. S. tax dollars being spent around the world for reconstruction efforts. With his help, Airline Ambassadors successfully lobbied congress to established U. S. Public Laws S. 1401 and H. 1664 which are popularly known as the CASA (Codes and Standards for the Americas) Act. This legislation overwhelmingly passed both the House and Senate and was signed into law by President Bush in October, 2002. Frank helped form the “CASA Corps” of Airline Ambassadors that provides building code and construction skills training wherever Airline Ambassadors conducts construction. A second Congressional Resolution, House Resolution 496, was also co-drafted by Frank and Airline Ambassador Advisor Member Congressman Tom Lantos. HR 496 compels USAID to implement the CASA Law.

Frank currently directs our office in New Orleans.

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