Building Relationships

Throughout our 50 year history, we have developed strong working relationships as a subcontractor and with the subcontracting community. Accountability and the precise execution of each subcontractor’s trade are required of all of our vendors. We  perform trade quality work with quality tradesman.



To work with Acadian Construction & Engineering, each subcontractor must prove to be a reputable, productive company. Through an extensive prequalification process, we analyze the subcontractor’s past performance, safety, and financial stability, among other selection criteria. The prequalification process helps Acadian Construction & Engineering identify the most qualified subcontractors in the industry.

To become a prequalified subcontractor for Acadian Construction & Engineering. Please click on the link below to access the prequalification online.

Federal Government

Acadian Construction and Engineering understands the unique requirements of the federal contracting process. We have many years of experience delivering high-quality, high-value projects to the federal government. Our ability to self-perform the majority of our work assures the flexible and transparent project delivery that our federal government clients require. With our innovative, problem-solving approach and hands-on experience, our clients can make informed decisions that maximize scarce resources. 

Architectural & Structural Concrete


The cornerstone of our business for over 50 years

When Acadian Construction an Engineering  was founded as Steel Reinforcing Inc. (SRI) back in 1979, we focused exclusively on structural steel erection and concrete steel reinforcing (ironwork). While we have since extended our reach into many other market segments of the construction industry, the basic structural components,  concrete, steel and glass,  remain a cornerstone of our business. We are one of only a handful of union ironworker general contractors recognized by the National Ready Mix Association and the American Concrete Institute. Our development team also has worked with the International Code Council (ICC) as we give classes to engineers in the Western hemisphere. 

Site Development & Heavy Engineering

Acadian Construction and Engineering has the skill, knowledge, and experience to perform all phases of site development and heavy engineering. To prepare a site for construction, we have the capabilities to self-perform excavation, grading and most other aspects of establishing a project-ready site. Our heavy engineering includes ensuring a solid infrastructure, installing underground utilities and structural concrete and certifying optimum site drainage and stormwater management. Over the years, our team has completed everything from seismic retrofits to bridges, highways, roads, and streetscapes, and our superb project management skills ensure completion on time and within budget. 



Assured compliance with state agency requirements

Construction projects for public educational facilities must conform to a long and ever-growing list of state-mandated requirements related to air quality, emissions, seismic safety, water conservation, and other project elements. The Division of the State Architect (DSA) reviews all education-related projects to ensure compliance, providing design and construction oversight for K-12 schools, community colleges, and other state-owned and leased facilities that are federally funded. Acadian Construction and Engineering has more than 50 years of experience building for the educational sector in California, Louisiana and Mississippi. As a result, we understand how to comply with the complex requirements of DSA. Our team is proactive, responsive, and we continuously monitor all state agency guidelines to ensure that reporting and documentation requirements are met in a timely manner.